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Y-DNA Testing of a Paper Trail
The Fox Surname Project


Combining conventional genealogical research with Y-DNA testing offers a powerful tool for confirming male lines of descent. One prominent American Fox family of Colonial Virginia had been well studied, but some relationships remained unverified. For example, was Henry Fox 2nd (1674–1750) actually the son of Henry Fox 1st (1650–1714) and Anne West? Some genealogists had denied the connection based on a lack of evidence in his grandfather’s will. We analyzed Y-DNA short tandem repeat (STR) results from selected descendants of this Colonial Fox family to answer this and other outstanding questions. The DNA evidence agreed with traditional research identifying Henry Fox 2nd as the true son of Henry Fox 1st. Henry Fox 1st belonged to the R1b-L47 haplogroup, and we inferred his 37-marker STR haplotype, giving us a firm basis for comparison. DNA testing of other Fox men was able to confirm or refute proposed relationships to this family and, in the process, expand on other genealogical research efforts. Most unexpectedly, a connection to a well researched Colonial Philadelphia Fox family was uncovered.

Yacobi Paper - early edition

Evidence of early gene flow between Ashkenazi Jews and non-Jewish Europeans in mitochondrial DNA haplogroup H7


To investigate European introgression into Ashkenazi Jewry, the European-dominant haplogroup H mitochondrial DNA was examined. The results provided genetic evidence that gene flow between Jewish and non-Jewish populations occurred early in Jewish settlement in Europe with isolation of the groups thereafter. We targeted branch H7 and found three Ashkenazi Jewish clades, two that were not previously recognized as Jewish (H7e, H7c2) and one newly identified group (tentatively H7j) characterized by 1700C and 152C transitions. A total of 109 new complete mtDNA sequences (mitogenomes) are reported, including the largest collection of H7e to date. H7e is a deeply nested clade with several subclades; more than 85% of the carriers had Ashkenazi maternal ancestry from such diverse areas as Germany and Austria in Western Europe, Poland, and the Baltic states in Central Europe, and Moldova, Ukraine and Belarus in Eastern Europe.

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Book Review - By: Jennifer Armstrong Zinck

Genetic Genealogy in Practice

By Blaine T. Bettinger and Debbie Parker Wayne.

Published by National Genealogical Society; 3108 Columbia Pike, Suite 300, Arlington, VA 22204-4304;; 2016. ISBN 978-1-935815-22-8. 196 pp.
Appendixes, illustrations, exercises.
Paperback. $29.95

Two pioneers of genetic genealogy education, Blaine T. Bettinger, Ph.D., J.D., and Debbie Parker Wayne, CG, teamed up to create a resource that provides in-depth information and skill-building exercises for those interested in the intersection of DNA and genealogy.