Editor’s Corner

JoGG in Transition

Our Editor, Blaine Bettinger, has resigned after finding the demands of a new job and a new baby to be incompatible with the demands of being Editor.  We wish Blaine well and thank him for leading JoGG over the past two years.

The Editorial Board is actively seeking a new Editor.  We have some promising developments, but nothing has yet been finalized. 

The Editorial Board has decided to take those articles that were completely through the peer review process (under Blaine’s leadership) and accepted for publication, but not yet fully formatted in JoGG’s standard form, and place them on the JoGG web site so that they can be accessed by our community.  The files are in html format, and they have not been subject to copy editing.  Hopefully, under the new Editor, the articles can be finalized and fully formatted.  If anyone has any comments on an article, please direct them to the author whose address for correspondence is indicated on the article.

We apologize to our authors for the long delay in publication.

The Editorial Board