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Editor's Corner
Columns, Editorials, and Features

It's Time to Retire
Whit Athey                                                                                         i
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'Satiable Curiosity
Mix and Match:  DNA Stories from an Ancestor
Ann Turner                                                                                                      ii
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With Bennett Greenspan                                                                                 v
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Y-STR Haplotypes and Predicted Haplogroups in
the Slovak Haban Population
Eva Petrejcíková, Daniela Siváková, Miroslav Soták, Jarmila Bernasovská,
Ivan Bernasovský, Adriana Sovicová, Iveta Boronová Alexandra Bôžiková,
Dana Gabriková, Petra Švícková, Sona Maceková, Jana Carnogurská    69
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HLA Polymorphisms in Forros and Angolares from Sao Tome
Island (West Africa): Evidence for the Population Origin
Nádia Saldanha, Carla Spínola, Margarida R. Santos, Joaquim P.
Simőes, Jácome Bruges-Armas, António Brehm, Hélder Spínola                   75
Full Text HTML         PDF          Supplementary Data

The Advantages of a Dual DNA/Documentary Approach
to Reconstruct the Famiiy Trees of a Surname 
Chris Pomery                                                                                    86
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Review Article

Where Have All the Indians Gone?  Native American
Eastern Seaboard Dispersal, Genealogy and DNA in Relation
to Sir Walter Raleigh's Lost Colony of Roanoke
Roberta Estes                                                                                   96
        PDF      Supplementary Data:  App A  App B  App C  App D

Special Section:  Cluster Analysis and the TMRCA Problem

Whit Athey                                                                                     131

Y-STR Mountains in Haplospace, Part I:  Methods
Peter Gwozdz                                                                                  137
        PDF              Supplementary File Index

Y-STR Mountains in Haplospace, Part II:  Application to
Common Polish Clades
Peter Gwozdz                                                                                  159

DNA Genealogy, Mutation Rates, and Some Historical
Evidence Written in Y-Chromosome, Part I:  Basic Principles and
the Method
Anatole A. Klyosov                                                                           186

DNA Genealogy, Mutation Rates, and Some Historical
Evidence Written in Y-Chromosome, Part II:  Walking the Map
Anatole A. Klyosov                                                                           217

The Use of Correlation Techniques for the Analysis of Pairs of Y-Chromosome DNA Haplotypes, Part I:  Rationale, Methodology and Genealogy Time Scale
William E. Howard                                                                             256

The Use of Correlation Techniques for the Analysis of Pairs of Y-Chromosome DNA Haplotypes, Part II:  Application to Surname
and Other Haplotype Clusters
William E. Howard                                                                             271

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