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Columns and Editorials


Editor’s Corner

Whit Athey

A New Y Tree

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‘Satiable Curiosity

Y-Chromosome and mtDNA Information from deCODEMe

Ann Turner

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Genetic Structure of an Isolated Sub-Tribe of the Adi People of Arunachal Pradesh State in Northeast India: Isonymy Analysis and Selective Neutrality of Surname Distribution in Adi Panggi

Suvendu Maji and T. S. Vasulu                                                  1

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The Subclades of mtDNA Haplogroup J and Proposed Motifs for Assigning Control-Region Sequences into these Clades

Jim Logan                                                                             12

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A New Subclade of Y Haplogroup J2b

T. Whit Athey and Bonnie E. Schrack                                         27

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Review Articles


Where Did European Men Come From

Kalevi Wiik                                                                             35

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