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Editor’s Corner

Whit Athey

Mutation Rates

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‘Satiable Curiosity

Hot or Not?

Ann Turner

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Letters to the Editor

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Positions Available at JoGG

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Y-Haplogroup Frequencies in the Flemish Population

Gerhard Mertens                                                                 19

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Haplogroup E3b1a2 as a Possible Indicator of Settlement in

Roman Britain by Soldiers of Balkan Origin

Steven C. Bird                                                                    26

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Mitochondrial DNA Control-Region Mutations at

Positions 514-524 in Haplogroup K and Beyond

William R. Hurst                                                                   47

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Geographic Patterns of Haplogroup R1b in the British

Isles – Deconstructing Oppenheimer

Kevin D. Campbell                                                                63

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A Suggested Mitochondrial Genome for ‘Mitochondrial Eve’

Ian Logan                                                                          72

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