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Genetic Genealogy is the use of DNA testing in combination with traditional genealogical and historical records.” – ISOGG Wikipedia


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The JoGG relaunches!
With our new Volume 9, Issue 1 journal issue in December 2021, the JoGG is resuming regular publication.
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The Journal of Genetic Genealogy (JoGG) is a free and open-access quarterly journal of strategies, case studies, and topics of interest for genetic genealogists using DNA testing to research the ancestry of an individual or group.   Articles include features, editorials, and peer-reviewed scholarly articles.

Authors retain the original copyright to their articles, which are published in the Journal pursuant to a Creative Commons license and can be shared under those terms. 

Our Latest Issue: Volume 9, Number 1 (Fall 2021)

Editor’s Corner: JoGG RenewedJ. David VanceJournal Features


Would GENEALOMICS be an appropriate term to designate family tree research based on genome-wide data?Clarice Sampaio Alho, PhD.; Marcio Dorn, PhD; Eduardo Avila, PhD.Methodology


Word To The Ys: Understanding Y-DNA STR Group Analysis through AnalogyJ. David VanceGroup Analysis, Methodology, Y-DNA


Henry Miller, Jr. & David Alexander Miller: TMRCA and Relationship AnalysisMark A. MillerAncestor Research, atDNA, Group Analysis, Y-DNA


AUTOSOMAL DNA AND GENEALOGY: How Can DNA and Triangulation Be Used to Identify, Evaluate and Present Conclusions of Relatedness?Thad Thomas, MScatDNA, Methodology


Autosomal Match In-Common-With Cluster Analysis with Network Visualization Tools: An Example using the Gephi Open-Source ToolJ. David VanceatDNA, Group Analysis, Methodology, Tools & Websites


Y-DNA SNP-based TMRCA calculations for Surname Project AdministratorsJames M. IrvineMethodology, Y-DNA


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